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25g Gallipoli Street
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Established in 2018, Bossman's Barber Shop originated in a small backroom at a local powerlifting gym. Master Barber Antonio Ferraro created his vision of an old school barbershop with authentic Italian history. His traditional training mixed with his modern styling has seen his reputation grow amongst the Barbering world. With a loyal customer base, this backroom business has grown to be the Bossman's Barber Shop that thrives today. The concept of going back to the old school value ‘where the customer always comes first has created an ambience where people feel relaxed and pampered. Set up in a way where men can be men, Bossman's Barber Shop preserves and enhances contemporary barber culture. This time honoured Barber will make you leave not only feeling like a man, but more…. a Bossman.

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