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50% Qoin / 50% Cash on barbershop services & products. 50% Qoin / 50% Cash on tattoo removal services. ?Barbershop Services? ✂️Style Cut $35 ✂️Deluxe Cut $40 (Drink, neck shave, hot towel) ✂️Skin Fade $45 ✂️Buzz Cut $25 ✂️Nomad Cut $25 (Pensioners) ✂️Little Legend Cut $25 (Up to 12 years) ?Beard Tidy Up $15 ?Beard Sharpen Up $25 ?Full Face Cut Throat Razor Shave $45 ?Deluxe Full Face Cut Throat Razor Shave $55 ?Mo & Goatee Cut Throat Razor Shave $40 ?Skinhead Cut Throat Razor Shave $45 ?Wash & Scalp Massage $10 ⚡️Lazer Tattoo Removal Prices Starting From $80 We use the Fotona StarWalker MaQX Laser which is the very best tattoo removal laser on the market. Come in to our shop and visit the team for a quote.

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